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The Dining Handbook: Las Vegas

Whether you're wining and dining or looking to grab a quick bite, there's no shortage of world-class restaurants and bars just waiting to be explored on the Strip.

Las Vegas ranks top of its class in a variety of ways; among them, its culinary scene. Whether you’re wining and dining or looking to grab a quick bite, there’s no shortage of world-class restaurants and bars just waiting to be explored on the Strip. Read on for some of my favorite spots:


img_1277-1.jpgLago by Julian Serrano
Pricing: $$$$
The lowdown: I think I may have seen heaven the day I dined at Lago. The Julian Serrano-helmed restaurant overlooks the Bellagio fountains, and features one of the best brunches in town. For $38 a person, you receive a 3-course meal, beautifully presented and featuring such sumptuous options as ratatouille bruschetta, eggplant parmesan benedict, an egg scramble with asparagus, and a mouthwatering dessert buffet – complete with Nutella crepes, mini tarts, and a chocolate fountain. An absolute MUST.

The Dining Handbook: Las Vegas
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Mon Ami Gabi
Location: Paris Las Vegas
Pricing: $$
The lowdown: If you ever feel like donning a floppy hat and chewing on a baguette beneath an Eiffel Tower replica whilst gazing at the Bellagio fountains as they dance the day away, this is the place to do it. Mon Ami Gabi feels like that foreign exchange student you crushed on in high school – dreamy, accented, and oh-so-charming; not to mention, a great cure for hangovers.  I’ve eaten breakfast and dinner here, and while both were great, I recommend it for breakfast. The pricing isn’t completely absurd (especially for Vegas standards), the portions are filling, and there are tons of options for delicious French-inspired cuisine. Keep in mind that while they do take reservations, seating on the patio is first come, first served.

The Dining Handbook: Las Vegas
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Location: Palazzo
Pricing: $$-$$$; only open weekends
The lowdown: Like many of TAO Group’s swanky dining experiences, this lavish Italian eatery was born in New York City and fits in beautifully with the indulgent personality of Las Vegas. Though it’s known for its wild Saturday party brunches, I visited during its regular brunch operations and was instantly blown away. For one thing, the restaurant is beautiful. Two stories high and filled with intricate detailing like a candle wall made of real candles (as in, they spend an hour hand-lighting each one prior to opening), LAVO is every bit as decadent for the eyes as it is for the taste buds. With menu items like breakfast mac and cheese, lobster benedict, lemon ricotta waffles, and almond-crusted french toast, your heart will bursting out of your chest with culinary joy.

* * *


IMG_0947 (1)
Talk about #aesthetic

Location: Encore at Wynn Las Vegas
Pricing: $$$
The lowdown: Menu aside, Jardin is stunning. The conservatory-esque, poolside locale alone makes for a dining experience that is downright lovely – and definitely feels like vacation. Add to that its incredible food and drink selection (mouthwatering smoothies, a bloody bar, avocado toast, adult grilled cheese, kale scramble, to name a few), superb service, and fresh vibes, and you’re on track for a lunch that’s one for the books. Try their seashore fries!

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Grand Lux Cafe
Locations: Palazzo, Venetian
Pricing: $$
The lowdown: I’ve been here at some odd hours of the day (11am, 3pm, 4:30am…), and it’s never once failed me. In fact, Grand Lux Cafe is kinda like the best friend secretly in love with the protagonist in rom coms – maybe not the most edgy or exciting, but still comfortable, definitely enjoyable, and always reliable (and they usually get the girl in the end, right?). With locations in both the Palazzo and the Venetian, the 24-hour hotspot offers something for literally everyone, no matter the dietary restriction or culinary occasion – think omelettes, sandwiches, burgers, and other American cuisine. Talk about a trusty steed.

* * *


The Dining Handbook: Las Vegas
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Beauty & Essex
Location: The Cosmopolitan
of Las Vegas
Pricing: $$$
The lowdown: TAO Group hit it out of the ballpark with this one. First of all, the ambience is everything. Think jewel tones, mood lighting, and ornate chandeliers, artfully placed for a sophisticated punch. The experience begins when you walk through the entrance of a pawn shop (in which everything is actually for sale, BTW), behind which you’re ushered through a hidden door into the luscious confines of the restaurant. Beauty & Essex is a place to see and be seen – but you’ll have a hard time resisting distraction via the mouthwatering small plates occupying its menu. Think orange-kissed salmon ceviche, roasted fennel pizzetta (to DIE for), fish & chips tacos, and roasted brussels sprouts, paired with a craft cocktail, and topped off with a spiked root beer float shot or peanut butter pie sundae. Heaven never seemed closer to home.

The Dining Handbook: Las Vegas
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TAO Las Vegas
Location: Venetian
Pricing: $$$-$$$$
The lowdown: One of my favorite restaurants ever, hands-down – I make dinner reservations here pretty much every time I’m town. Not to be confused with its club counterpart, TAO’s swanky dining experience is a destination in and of itself. The ambience of the place is both hip and alluring – with unparalleled service and Asian cuisine to match (a mouthwatering blend of Chinese, Japanese, and Thai tastes). The beautifully-decorated, multi-level space features everything from a dimly-lit walkway flanked by rose-petal-filled baths, to a giant Buddha in the midst of all the action. And can we talk about that food? With options from family-style shared plates to three-course meals, there’s something for everyone. *sigh* Consider this my love letter.

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Location:  Venetian
Pricing: $$$
The lowdown: Located in the effervescent St. Mark’s Square, Canaletto is glorious al fresco dining without the desert heat. With the tinkling sounds of live music and the entertaining people-watching possibilities at your fingertips, the ambience is lively and interesting – but the Venetian cuisine is what truly sets this place apart. With a refreshingly affordable wine list, and enough pasta, risotto, and seafood dishes to seemingly last you your entire vacation, Canaletto is atmospheric dining at its most delicious. Try the pesto gnocchi!

The Dining Handbook: Las VegasJaleo
Location:  The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Pricing: $$$
The lowdown
: The brainchild of acclaimed chef Jose Andres, Jaleo is nothing short of mod. Located on the third floor of The Cosmopolitan, the trendy dining experience will sweep you up in a rush of colorful energy, while the tapas on tap will leave your taste buds tingling. Tacos, paella, soup, patatas, empanadas, sangria…a couple hours here and you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported straight to the sunny and sizzling calles of Spain. While there aren’t a ton of vegetarian-friendly options, meat-eaters will be more than pleased with Jaleo’s menu – and the energetic atmosphere is sure to sweep you off your feet (or maybe that’s the sangria’s doing.)

Photo courtesy of

Location:  Encore at Wynn Las Vegas
Pricing: $$$
The lowdown: An absolutely stellar Asian dining experience, Wazuzu is swanky and hip without being over-the-top. The relatively small space features an open-air layout overlooking the Encore casino, which provides oddly comforting background noise whilst you chow down on pan-Asian fare like orange chicken, drunken noodles, sushi, and fried rice. My favorite part? They offer an entire menu of vegetarian selections. *swoons* When can I go back?! (*Note that they don’t take reservations!)

The boozy grasshopper shake at Holstein’s

Holstein’s Burgers and Shakes
Location: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Pricing: $$
The lowdown: My very first legal drink was purchased at Holstein’s – so yeah, I guess you could say it holds a special place in my heart. The atmospheric space offers an exceptional array of burgers and boozy shakes, and its location across from Marquee makes you feel like you’re dining in the thick of the action. They can curate your order to fit special dietary needs and their fries will knock your socks off.

Sushi Roku
Location:  The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace
Pricing: $$$
The lowdown: Operated by the same dining company that owns notable scenes like Boa, Sushi Roku is a dimly-lit haven of eclectic appetizers, signature sushi rolls, and standard soup and rice fare. Though its location on the second floor of Caesars Palace’s Forum Shops makes it feel a bit too much like mall dining upon initial arrival, the romantic ambience of the place will quickly sweep you away, and the menu will seal the deal. Try their brussels sprouts chips – they’re to die for!

* * *


Photo courtesy of

Location:  The Cosmopolitan
of Las Vegas
Pricing: $
The lowdown: They have one of these in LA so I was super stoked when I heard they opened one in the Cosmo. Eggslut is a fast-casual environment with absolutely mouth-watering egg sandwiches and coddled eggs. It’s pretty cheap, too, which feels like a miracle on the Strip. Be prepared for long lines, but it’s worth it, I promise!

Cereal milk soft-serve, topped with fudge and sprinkles

Momofuku Milk Bar
Location:  The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Pricing: $
The lowdown: If you’re looking for a place to sample some sweet treats, Momofuku Milk Bar is the answer. With a menu chock-full of cookies, truffles, cakes, pies, and their signature cereal milk soft-serve (which literally tastes like post-cornflakes milk), the counter-service hotspot melds perfectly with the Cosmo’s sleek and shiny vibes.

Secret Pizza
Location:  The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Pricing: $
The lowdown: If ‘perfect locale for some late-night munchies’ was a definition in the dictionary, the place it would be describing is Secret Pizza. Everything here tastes superb and, well, it’s pizza – need I say more? It’s called Secret Pizza for a reason, though – there are no signs anywhere to indicate it even exists. To find it, head to the 3rd floor of the Cosmo’s east side and look for a random hallway beside the escalators with album covers lining the walls. There will likely be a line of people trickling out of it and the sumptuous smell of pizza wafting through the air…but shh! You didn’t hear that from me…

* *


The Dining Handbook: Las Vegas
Photo courtesy of TripAdvisor

Eiffel Tower Restaurant
LocationParis Las Vegas
Pricing: $$$
The lowdownEiffel Tower Restaurant boasts probably the best view of any dining establishment in Vegas. Situated on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower replica in Paris, the restaurant features stunning vistas of the Strip, giving evening diners a glorious birds-eye view of all the Sin City action as the sun sinks behind the mountains and the city comes to life. If you’re looking to experience the views for yourself without shelling out a pretty penny for a meal, the restaurant’s bar is a great bet. Be sure to try the Pink Velvet cocktail – its blend of citrus flavors will have your taste buds doing a victory lap.

15589531_10210928123626436_7264654302053523735_nThe Chandelier
LocationThe Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
Pricing: $$$
The lowdownOne of the most characteristic parts of the Cosmo, The Chandelier comprises of three stories, each with its own unique personality and hidden within the confines of millions of strands of crystal beads – it’s literally like sitting inside a chandelier. Each level offers a different array of craft cocktails, altered to fit the seasons, and while they’re pretty pricey (~$18-20 per cocktail), it’s an experience that absolutely cannot be beat. And, um, talk about coolest Instagram backdrop ever?

Fat Tuesday
Locations: Venetian, MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, Stratosphere, Planet Hollywood, Mandalay Bay, outside Harrah’s
Pricing: $$
The lowdown: Probably the cheapest alcoholic beverage you can purchase anywhere on the Strip, ordering a Fat Tuesday is practically a Vegas rite of passage. Starting at $12 a pop, you can choose a variety of sizes (anywhere from 12-100+ oz.) in branded plastic gear to fill up with alcoholic slushies of all flavors – hurricane, pina colada, strawberry daiquiri, electric lemonade, etc. Perfect for sipping on as you stroll the Strip!

* * *

Been to some other notable restaurants or bars? Send them my way so I can be sure to check them out next time I’m in town!


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