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Where to stay on the Las Vegas Strip

With dozens of options to choose from, how do you narrow it down? Have no fear, I've got you covered.

Headed to Vegas but haven’t figured out where you’re staying yet? Have no fear, I’ve got you covered.

Every hotel on the Strip is different and each suite holds the possibility to inspire different kinds of visitors. I’ve had the privilege of staying in my fair share of Strip hotels, and from these, I’ve narrowed down a list of my hotel recommendations based on what you may be looking for on your next Sin City getaway.



Classy, refined, and with a passion for the finer things in life, you want what Las Vegas does best: opulence and luxury. Luckily for you, there’s no shortage of that on the Strip, and the following hotels just might be the perfect pick for your trip.

8F2D3866-EB22-4028-B008-7F670306B9D5Wynn Las Vegas
Strip, north-end
Pricing: $$$$
The lowdownWynn Las Vegas consists of two hotels – the Wynn and the Encore – and is arguably the most luxurious resort in Vegas. Consistently ranked among the top 10 hotels in the world, the Wynn packs everything you could want into its sugar-coated confines and tops it off with a punch of luxury: impeccable service, multiple spas, shopping to rival 5th Avenue, an array of fine dining, bars, two massive casino floors, and incredible pools. The rooms are some of the most spacious on the Strip, and the beds are like clouds of cotton candy (they call them Wynn Dream Beds for a reason). And with arguably the best nightlife (and daylife) in the entire city, the biggest downside to the resort is likely its location – the Wynn is pretty much at the end of the Strip (granted, the nicer end of the Strip, but the end nonetheless).

The Palazzo
LocationStrip, north-end
Pricing: $$$$
The lowdownCan you feel that Italian sun practically oozing at your doorstep? With rooms to rival the Wynn’s in size and grandeur, the Palazzo is elegance revitalized. Each suite combines marble countertops and sunken living rooms to reflect a European romance at its finest, and the vibe of the hotel is posh and old-world glam. The Palazzo is connected to sister hotel The Venetian, which makes it super easy to explore the two and take advantage of both of their amenities – spas, restaurants, pools, bars, and even gondola rides amongst those awesome Grand Canal Shoppes. The resort is not QUITE in the hub of the Strip, but it’s really easy to get to the Wynn (next door) and it’s not so far off from the rest of Vegas that you have to rely on rideshares to get everywhere.

Center Strip
Pricing: $$$$
The lowdownProbably the most famous hotel on the Strip, Bellagio is Italian luxury at its finest. Inspired by the Lake Como town of the same name, the hotel is an absolute gem of a place, featuring a happening casino, glorious pools, notable nightlife, and an array of spectacular shopping and dining options – not to mention, those famous fountains. On top of that, it is literally the center of the Strip, meaning you can’t find a better location. I was fortunate enough to stay in a Penthouse Suite at Bellagio, which was probably nicer than anywhere I’ve stepped foot – 3 bathrooms, a wet bar, a massive living and dining room, a 2-person whirlpool, high ceilings, and beautiful views across glittering city lights. The stay granted me access to both the Chairman’s Lounge and the VIP Lounge, complete with free booze and a private elevator bay. Needless to say, it was absurd. But hey, if you’re trying to live the high life, Bellagio is the place to do it.



You’ve arrived in Sin City ready to splurge a little, flirt a little, and maybe get into some trouble. You’re practically always one step ahead of the times, and want an It hotel to match. You’re also likely under the age of 35. If this description fits you, read on.

The view from your own private terrace at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
LocationCenter Strip
The lowdownThe Cosmopolitan is one of the most unique hotels on the Strip – and boy, does it have a mind of its own. Seemingly set to stand out against the gaudy-themed crowd, the Cosmo is distinctly young, unapologetic, and hip, without a trace of sloppiness. (It was definitely one of the cool kids in high school). Most rooms have their own private terrace, and those deemed Fountain View have incredible panoramas of the Strip, complete with your own viewing space for the Bellagio fountain shows. The Cosmo is definitely one of my favorite hotels – its location CANNOT be beat, as it’s pretty much smack dab in the center of the Strip, and everything about it exudes a sultry playfulness that’s simply fascinating. There’s a three-story Chandelier Bar (you literally get to sip cocktails inside a chandelier) and everything is purple and diamonds – what more could you want?

LocationStrip, Central South
Pricing: $$$-$$$$
The lowdownThe ARIA is a really pretty hotel with tech-savvy rooms – each have their own AUX-cord plug-in, remote-control operated blackout curtains, and lighting/temperature settings that will automatically adjust to your preferences whenever you arrive in the room. Though the resort itself doesn’t have as much character as some of the other hotels, it draws a hip crowd, and there’s no shortage of casino activity or restaurant-hopping to be had. Its location is a little meh; though central, it’s closer to the older end of the Strip, and you have to navigate the entire Crystals shopping center every time you want to get to Las Vegas Blvd (which becomes a pain very quickly – you already do enough walking as it is in Vegas). However, ARIA tends to be one of the cheaper 5-star hotels on the Strip, which is certainly a plus, and with every room designed to have a “corner” view, you can’t help noticing the hushed modernity to it that simply fits the slogan, “This is how we Vegas”.



You’d like to avoid Vegas hotel FOMO (after all, it’s part of the fun), but also don’t want to break the bank on a bed you probably won’t even sleep in. You want the themes and the amenities as well as the Strip location, but don’t necessarily care whether there’s a Michelin-starred restaurant in the lobby. Check these out:

The Mirage
LocationStrip, Central North
Pricing: $$-$$$
The lowdownI earned a comp night to stay at The Mirage when I was in town once, and I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t expecting much. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the comfort and quality of the rooms. The Mirage itself is a very fun resort (I always love exploring the atrium at its entrance, and I’ve had consistently the best luck in its casino), and its location is excellent. While there wasn’t anything particularly memorable about the rooms, it’s a great option for anyone wanting to be in the center of the action without paying Bellagio pricing.


Paris Las Vegas
LocationCenter Strip
Pricing: $$-$$$
The lowdownWith a location that can’t be beat, this hotel seemingly transports you straight to the Champs Elysee – or at least the closest thing to it in Nevada. The casino and lobby are straight out of a French boulevard, complete with adorable bistros, cafes for your baguette fix, and signs pointing you to the nearest Metro stop – oh, and did we mention the Eiffel Tower replica? Copied to a tee, the monument features a restaurant on its first level with glorious views of the Strip, as well as a viewing platform at the top just like the real tower. Outside of the lobby, however, Paris Las Vegas feels a bit quiet – the pool is fairly low-key and you never really hear much about the hotel’s club, Chateau. But thankfully, the centrality of its location means you don’t have to go far to stay in on the Sin City action.

MGM Grand
LocationStrip, South-end
Pricing: $$-$$$
The lowdownThe epitome of mega-hotel, the MGM Grand is arguably the most happening hotel on the Strip. Step inside and it feels as if you’ve walked into a small city. There’s a food court, a spa, a wedding chapel, another food court, a concert and sporting arena, a theater, conference rooms, shops, that Michelin-starred restaurant you may not even care about, six and a half acres of pools, a mega-club – even an apartment complex (seriously). To say the resort is overwhelming would be an understatement. While there is certainly no shortage of things to do, the sheer size of the hotel can be a turn-off – not to mention, the crowds. I waited over 40 minutes just to check in when I stayed there – and I arrived at 10 PM on a Thursday. You can score great deals on rooms and there’s plenty of classic Vegas action to go around, but the hotel’s size and crowd control issues may be a bit much for some.


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