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5 reasons to make London your next solo travel destination

Looking to plan a solo getaway? Here are 5 reasons London should be top of your list.

London, England: an iconic city featuring global monuments, world-class shopping, the home turf of the British Monarchy, and plenty of rain. Millions of people flock to its chic streets every year to get a taste for precisely what makes this English metropolis so special.

Looking to plan a solo getaway? Here are 5 reasons you should make London top of the list:

1. It’s extremely traveler-friendly.

As one of the most visited cities in the world, London is filled day in and day out with tourists. You’ll have no trouble meeting a vast assortment of fellow visitors and potential travel companions, making London an ideal destination for anyone traveling on their own. Not to mention, it’s extremely easy to navigate – the Tube is one of the best public transport systems on the globe.

2. There’s always something going on.

London is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, which means that your visit there will be anything short of boring. The British capital boasts a nonstop agenda of activities and attractions to keep you busy, including royal parks, world-class museums, high streets bedecked with shopping havens, pub crawls galore, and a theater district to rival Broadway. Cheers to that.

3. It’s safe.

The city is monitored 24/7 by closed-circuit television cameras, and the biggest crime typically reported is petty theft. This makes London a great choice for anyone concerned about the safety aspect of traveling on their own.

4. There’s no shortage of culture.

Whether it’s the plethora of Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth masks smiling from every shopfront, or the sea of red and blue that take over the Tube whenever Arsenal or Chelsea have a game, London is proud of its English heritage. But the two-hundred-plus languages you’ll hear around the city on any given day prove that London is a melting pot of cultures from around the globe, set against a backdrop of Union Jacks and high tea. With its historic cobblestone streets and its array of international cuisine (the East End’s Brick Lane boasts the best curry outside of India) you won’t be able to resist the incredible draw of a city doused in culture.

5. It’s an ideal spot for wandering.

Be it the hipster coffee shops of Shoreditch, the ritzy nightlife of Mayfair, the fast-paced vibes of Westminster, or the glorious dichotomy of ancient architecture meets modern design on the banks of the Thames, there’s no limit to adventures in London. It would take years to explore it all, making it an ideal destination for solo travelers with camera in hand and wanderlust on their minds. What are you waiting for?

BONUS POINT: It’s now cheaper than ever, particularly for Americans hoping to take advantage of that narrow USD-GBP value gap. So in case you’re wondering who keeps calling you, it’s London. Better answer.


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